Saturday, 9 September 2017

My Princess Sofia

I can't believe how much time has past since I last posted! Al and I are going overseas soon, so between usual routines with kids and work, I've been researching and preparing for that. However, I do have something I haven't yet shared with you...

My baby girl turned 4 last month... Four! Can you believe it? I barely can. And all she wanted was a Princess Sofia (from Disney's Sofia the First) dress. As I couldn't find one in the shops, I decided that I'd attempt to make one and make it an extra-special birthday gift.

Using a picture from the internet, I decided to simply modify the Butterick dress pattern that I used in April, as this was a really easy pattern to follow and I knew it would fit Sofia. I added some simple cap sleeves, added some length and a white under-layer to the skirt (which I finished off with some purple ribbon, scalloped the edges of the upper-skirt, added some applique and embellishments... and ta-da! I'm pretty happy with the final result. And so was Sofia, which of course is the main thing!

Sofia had a party with her little friends from child-care the week before her actual birthday. Ahead of that I made up some simple shoulder bags to be used as party-bags... They took an afternoon to cut the fabric, and then once I got going at the sewing machine I got all 10 little bags done in an evening.

The girls were all so excited when they got their little bags at the party! And Sofia placed each one over her friends' heads as though she was awarding them with a prize... ah, she's a funny little thing.

Until next time x

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  1. What a lovely post! You did so well with that special dress!