Sunday, 17 September 2017

Snow-much fun

The week after Sofia's birthday we heading to the snow fields. We booked in accommodation earlier in the year, and as it turned out we couldn't have picked a better weekend!

We were there for three days, and two of those were perfect weather. I organised a lesson for myself and the kids on the second day we were there, although unfortunately that ended up being the coldest day. Poor Sofia just got too cold and didn't want to continue after around 20 minutes. But the next day, with the sun out, she was all smiles again.

I wasn't sure how Alex would go with the ski lesson but was pleasantly surprised. He kept with it, and was so proud to see how well he did and so happy watching him enjoying it so much! The only way to get him into the car at the end of the day was to promise him another go the next day...

Alex and I on the chairlift... he was so excited!

But then the next day we didn't have another day up our sleeves to promise him... so he miserably climbed into the car to head back home. I think we'll have to take him back next year!

I first tried skiing a couple of years before Alex was born—and only for a couple of hours! So this was pretty much my first decent attempt at the sport. Between my lesson and some patience from Al who also gave me some one-on-one lessons, by the end of the three days I was feeling pretty good about my new-found skills... albeit rather tired and with very sore muscles!

We're not sure if we'll manage to get to the slopes again before the last of snow disappears as we're now are in saving-mode for our upcoming overseas trip... more about that soon!

Until next time x

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