Saturday, 24 June 2017

Nap mat for Alex

What I thought would be a weekend project turned out to take three weekends... plus another two weeks to photograph and blog about!

I can't remember when I bought the Curiosities & Mischief book (by Nancy Halvorsen) but I do remember it was the 'nap mats' that convinced me to buy it. Something between a quilt and a sleeping bag, but either way a cosy and useful project to make for the kids.

After being inspired by a sample pack of Cinderberry Stitches 'Greatest Adventure' fabric range, I decided this would be perfect for a nap mat for Alex. So after my full fabric order arrived I couldn't wait to get started...

As I said above... Three weekends later and it was finally done! It wasn't so much that it was time consuming but rather my time was constantly consumed by other things! The instructions in the book were relatively easy to follow, I just needed to convert from 'yards' to 'meters' when ordering the fabric. I chose to hand stitch the binding down so this slowed things down too.

I'm so happy with the final product though! And Alex seems thrilled with it. Sofia is eager to get hers—I've bought the fabric, just need to get started.

Until next time x

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