Tuesday, 6 October 2015

From jeans to shorts

Alex has gone through so many pairs of jeans this winter... either they've suddenly become far too short as he grows taller and taller, or he's worn through the knees. 

I've been keeping the jeans, some to put away for Sofia but as they all still fit Alex around the waist, I figured I could 'upcycle' some of the jeans into shorts. With another public holiday here in Canberra I managed to find some time to give the project a go... 

A few cuts, ironing of the seam and run under the sewing machine, and wa-la... four pairs of shorts!

Three of the pairs are just a plain finish, however one pair were a bit too torn around the knee so I folded the seem outwards instead. I quite like the finished look!

Alex seemed pretty happy with his new shorts, and as it doesn't mean an outlay for yet more clothing (yet), so am I!! Hopefully they last him the summer :)

Until next time x

Thursday, 1 October 2015

A trip to the coast

We’ve gone from driving 2 ½ minutes to get to the beach to driving 2 ½ hours! But over the Canberra long weekend, it made perfect sense to make of the most of beautiful warm weather and do a day trip to the coast.

The kids had such a great time. There were a bit tentative to begin with, but after awhile were splashing around, exploring, and running up and down the beach!

In a clearing just up from the beach there were a group of young kangaroos. I was amazed to watch Alex not only go and explore, but to also see him confident enough to approach them and even pet them.

It was great to share the day with my partner and his teenage sons. Between swimming, sunbaking, meeting some of my partner’s friends, and generally relaxing, it was such an enjoyable and fun day.

Hopefully we'll manage to get to the coast again a few times this summer!

Until next time xx

Monday, 7 September 2015

Superhero Day

Today was superhero day at childcare. Alex has excitedly been counting down the days since he found out about it early last week… and all weekend he was planning what to wear. He went as a somewhat confused superhero… Spiderman top, Batman accessories, topped with his ‘SuperAlex’ cape I made for him last Christmas. He loves that cape, and it always makes me smile to see him wearing it.

A few months ago Sofia took interest in wearing a cape, and I had shortened Alex’s old cape he got in a show-bag so that she had something to wear around the house. But the joy on her face every time we would put it on her has made me think for a while to make her a matching cape to Alex’s. Knowing that Superhero day was coming up, on Saturday I pulled out the remnants of the same fabric as Alex’s cape… but I didn’t have enough. Between all the usual weekend household chores, I thought it just wouldn’t happen. But Sunday afternoon I decided the capes didn’t have to match – and in fact it would probably be better if they didn’t. So I went through my stash and found a nice batik I had bought in Bali, and a swirly deep red fabric. Some time with paper and pencil and I settled on a design for the ‘Super Sofia’ logo… back to the fabric stash and I found some smaller scraps perfect for my design.

However yesterday was also Father’s Day and I had a roast dinner and a dessert to prepare. I have had an incredible man in my life who is not only an amazing dad to his own children but also gives my children a lot of love, patience and general guidance. He needed spoiling, and so dinner drew me away from my sewing project. Again, I thought the plan of a cape would take too long for Superhero Day… but after dinner, as I sat to relax with a Sunday night movie, I figured I might as well stick down the applique design and stitch down what I could.

It didn’t take nearly as long as I thought (although using metallic thread around the S did slow me down a bit)! So I plugged in the sewing machine, intending to “just get it started”…

All done (as Sofia herself says)!! I’m really happy with the final result. I was even in bed before midnight.

And Sofia was delighted this morning when I put it on her :)

Now to decide whether to make a matching cape for Sofia's bunny, just as Alex has a matching one for his toy bunny. Only issue is that Sofia has two bunny's that she always carries around with her - do both need one? 

Until next time x

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Setting up house

It's now been just over a week since the kids and I moved into our new home here in Canberra. And what a busy 10 or so days it's been! I collected the keys on the Thursday morning and headed back to the townhouse in time to meet the removalists. Our move from Tasmania has been so smooth, I can barely believe it - almost no breakages (just a wine glass) and in no time the house was looking like a home!

On the Sunday we invited some friends over and finally got the chance to properly celebrate Sofia's 2nd birthday as well as having a mini-housewarming. The kids are really settling into the new place... there is enough space for them to run around outside, and they're so happy having all their toys again!

I've been slowly organising my sewing and craft things. I no longer have a room dedicated to my sewing, so the challenge now will be to keep my 'nook' tidy.

I still need to hang some pictures on the walls, get a new power outlet put in so that I can actually plug in my sewing machine, and finish unpacking the last couple of boxes.

Despite it's small size, the townhouse has rather good storage. Just past my "craft nook" I have our bookshelf, and then there is a double pantry... but just one side is more than big enough for our food (who needs so much space for food?!). So naturally, I've stolen the other side to store my sewing, scrapbooking, and general study things.

This weekend has been just as busy as last weekend! Sofia was invited to a birthday party, I squeezed in a mountain bike ride, and we also headed to the lego expo much to Alex's excitement.

However we finally have a quiet moment at home... Sofia is having her afternoon nap and Alex is happily playing with new lego. I think it may be time to make myself a cuppa and pull out a needle and some thread...

Until next time xx

Friday, 14 August 2015

My baby girl turned 2!

Sofia turned 2 on Thursday... growing up so fast. She had a lovely day, starting with presents then cake at childcare, and ending the day with more presents, and more cake!

From my tiny little bundle, to my tiny little toddler... it's so wonderful watching her become such a joyful, cheeky, loving, clever and confident little girl.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the next year has in hold. Happy birthday my darling girl!

Until next time x

Monday, 10 August 2015

Finding a routine

I've now been in Canberra for four weeks and we're starting to find our little routine. The kids are settling into their new childcare centre, I'm enjoying my work, and we've found a place to move into! We move in two weeks, and Alex in particular is very excited that "the truck will finally bring our stuff". I think once we get our belongings and set up home it will truly feel like we're not just here temporarily!

In the meantime, I've been finding some time to stitch where I can. I've worked some more on Alex's quilt and I'm happy to say it's nearly finished :) When I need a change, I've been working on a project for Sofia which I mentioned back in February. It's coming along and I'm really happy with it...

Alex's quilt has taken me three years (I started mid 2012!). I wonder how long Sofia's will take?! Talking about my cheeky girl, I can't believe she turns 2 later this week... 

Unfortunately this year she won't get a mummy-made gift... I've been tempted with a few ideas however as my sewing machine is currently somewhere between Hobart and here it's somewhat tricky to whip something up! I might have to make her a belated something. 

Until next time x 

Friday, 3 July 2015

On the move again

In just over a week I'll be moving back to Canberra! It's all happened very quickly.... A few weeks ago I was offered an exceptional job opportunity and as things started to fall into place I found myself making the decision to accept and move the kids and my life back to Australia's capital city. Both the kids have been accepted into a great childcare centre and Alex starts school next year anyway so the timing actually works quite well. We have temporary accommodation sorted and will start the search for a home once we get there, the ferry is booked and arrangements are in the process of being made for removalists. Now to think about packing... Hmmmm... Or maybe some quilting instead.

I've always been the queen of procrastination! Although as I'm yet to get boxes to be able to pack (and the option of using a packing service still hasn't been ruled out yet), there's not much I can really do in the way of packing anyway as yet. And with a few annual leave days up my sleeve, plus a project that really needs finishing, it just makes sense ��

This quilt is one I'm actually yet to share with you. I started it about a year ago for my dad's birthday (he had a big one last August). I managed to finish the quilt top in time for his birthday and therefore "gave" it to him with the promise I would finish it off soon.... 

Well. Yes. Soon.... I seem to say that a lot. I pinned it altogether before Christmas but since then it's been sitting in my craft room waiting for me to find time to pull out my machine and start the actual quilting process. Suffice to say, between work, the kids, trips away, soccer, family time etc that time just hasn't manifested... So here we are. I figure if I manage to finish it within the next week it's one less thing to bring to Canberra! But we shall see how I go... So far it's been a bit slow going ��

Until next time xx