Wednesday, 3 May 2017

A bunch of birthdays

The first few months of the year is full of birthdays for our family... Starting with mine in January, ending with my Mum's in April and in the middle somewhere was Al and Alex. Plus a few more thrown in for good luck!

Al and his sisters who visited as a birthday surprise
Al and I both celebrated significant birthdays so combined and had one big celebration. The idea started as an 80's party, but ended up being a cocktail party—Al organised the music and got the yard ready, I did the catering and got the cocktail menus and 'making station' set up, and the guests brought the alcohol! Rain in the lead up to the party had us fairly anxious but in the end it was a great party. Unfortunately we forgot to get many photos during the night, but the memories will live forever :)

One of the few photos taken at our cocktail party... 
Immediately after Al and my combined party, I turned my attention to organising Alex's 6th party. Last year he had a simple home get-together with some friends, so this year I agreed to his request to go to an indoor play centre for his party. I honestly don't know why I didn't agree to this type of party before!! Out of around 6 party rooms all of different themes, Alex chose the 'space' room... and then other than inviting his friends and making the cake, there wasn't much I needed to do! The staff were great, the party was completely catered, and best of all—no clean up for me!!

I could have ordered a cake but making the the kids' birthday cakes is a tradition I've been enjoying doing. Following the space theme, Alex chose a space-ship... so after consulting Pinterest for some ideas, I came up with a design. An easy Thermomix chocolate cake and some store-bought icing (ok, so I cheated a bit!)... and just like that, a space-ship cake was created.

Some candles in the base as blasters, and I had a very happy birthday boy. Can't believe my little man is already six years old!!!

Until next time x

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