Friday, 10 January 2014

More to 'A Boys Story'...

It's been ages since I've talked about Alex's quilt (A Boy's Story by Anni Downs)… maybe because I've set so many goals, with time lines coming and going and still the project is unfinished. But it has been plodding along (although much slower than I would have liked). In the last couple of months I've finished 3 of the stitcheries:

After trimming them back and a session at the sewing machine, they contributed to two more blocks of the quilt top are finished!

I've also completed the Robot appliqué:

I've got 8 stitcheries and 3 more appliqués to get on with before I can complete the quilt top, but I think with the above progress I'm now just over half way to the finish line, so fingers crossed for a 2014 completion. Alex will most likely move into a 'big boy bed' this year, so it would be perfect if I could get it done to coincide with that.

I do love how this project is (slowly) coming together. I think this is my favourite stitchery - I love how the design allows for individualisation so that got to include Alex's name :)

Hopefully it's not too long before I've got more to share.

Until next time x

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  1. The boy's quilt is looking amazing. I love it but don't have the energy to make 2 of the twins!