Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A quick Secret Santa gift

I needed a Secret Santa gift, so I figured why not whip something up? So yesterday, while the kids napped, I grabbled a couple of fat quarters, my rotary cutter and ruler and started cutting...

Then to the sewing machine I went, and after not too long I had made a little zipper pouch/pencil case. I've seen some lovely pouches popping up in blogland and was tempted to look up an online tutorial to make something a bit more fancy, but as I wasn't sure how long I had before one or both children woke up, I just made it up as I went. While in not 100% happy with the stitching around the zipper, I think it turned out quite well and think I may have to make myself one of these! I particularly love the contrast between the outer fabric and the lining :)

In other stitching news... I've finished the stitching for my 'Merry' bunting, and I've been working away whenever I've had the chance on Alex's christmas pressie. Hopefully these two cheeky munchkins give me a chance to finish one or both of these projects in the next few days... when I have, I'll be back to share pics!

Until next time x


  1. I gotLittle Birdie Secrets. i just found your blog surfing the internet your santa gifts blog post are just wonderful, merry christmas to you tash walter and to all and have a fantastic new year.

  2. Great work Tash. Your zipper pouch looks great. Lovely pictures of the littlies too. Have a wonderful Christmas.