Sunday, 7 April 2013

Yet another UFO

A couple of weeks ago I had another baby check-up in Singapore. I'm happy to report that all is going well on the baby front! Unfortunately Tom and Alex couldn't come with me, so I made the most of my overnight trip to do some things for myself - ie, visiting craft shops and clothes shopping!! I managed to stock up my wardrobe with some fab new maternity clothes, and also visited two quilt shops. I can't believe how much stock they can fit in tiny little shops!

At one the first shop I visited there was a stitching group in action (well, on their lunch break!) and I was amazed to find out they knew all about many of my favourite Australian designers... in particular, Anni Downs, Leanne Beasley, Lynette Anderson and Rosalie Quinlan. And what a coincidence... the owner of the shop had just completed her 'Gardeners Journal' quilt, designed by Anni Downs - the very quilt I had recently pulled out of my UFO stash and started working away at again. Here is her quilt (with her peaking out the side):

She had absolutely TEENSY stitches, and had handquilted the entire thing herself. Having experienced the Singapore heat, I can imagine it was no easy task! Here is a close up of one section of the quilt... although the photo really doesn't do it justice.

As I say, this quilt happens to be yet another in my UFO pile... I started it sometime last year: I bought most of my fabrics and completed two or three of the stitcheries. Remember how a few weeks ago I shared that I had received a small fabric order from Anni Down's latest range? This was to add to what I already had for this quilt :)

My fabric choices will make the finished product a little darker than Anni's original, but I love all the tones together! I've also been rather distracted from my 'About the Boy' quilt and have been working on stitcheries for this quilt. Here are a couple of sneak peaks of finished bits...

Still a fair bit to go, and I really should get back to Alex's quilt, but am really enjoying working on this project again!

Until next time xx

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