Saturday, 11 February 2017

A new decade, a new machine

A bit over three weeks ago I turned 30... the start of a new decade! On reflection of my twenties, I can't believe how much happened. The years were quite eventful, starting with my first move to Canberra just before turning 20. I completed two degrees, started my career in the public service, had my two beautiful children, moved overseas and back to Australia, bought property (and sold property), travelled, and so much more.

With my beautiful children, November 2016
I'm roughly were I had hoped I would be by the time I turned 30, with the only real unexpected impacts to my life things that were ultimately out of my control... and with the advantage of hindsight really good for me. I enter my 30s with an amazing family, a wonderful partner, a promising career, and a comfortable life. I've had some challenging times which have made me stronger and grateful for all the good in my life... and now I find myself happier than I could have imagined.

Al and I in Spain, April 2016
For my 20th birthday my beautiful mother gave me my first sewing machine (I think this was mainly so that I wouldn't take her machine with me when I moved to Canberra!). My Janome 6019 has been a faithful friend and a great machine which has served me well... together we've created so many projects and I can't think of a time it ever gave me any issues. Then, about five years ago I discovered the Husqvarna Opal machines and fell in love... a smooth machine, with automatic needle up/down function, scissor function, wider neck ideal for quilting... but the price, just a tad more than my Janome and outside my budget at the time. So I decided I'd save up, and give myself the machine for my 30th birthday.

Late last year I went into my local sewing shop and, as I often did, went around to see the sewing machines. And there it was... my dream machine, but a slightly upgraded new release at an introductory price! A lay-by was started and a week before I turned 30 I brought my baby home. Welcome little Husqvarna Opal 690Q to our family. I shall call you... Opal :)

I've decided to keep my old and faithful Janome. She'll be my second machine ideal for when I do a class or if Opal goes in for a service. I'm also hopeful that in the coming years Sofia might show an interest in sewing and the Janome would be perfect for her to learn on... I was probably around 5 when mum first taught me to sew (and simple square bags galore did I make!).

Looking forward to sharing with you some projects with my new baby... I've already started a dress for Sofia, however it was a bit wide so I need to take it in a bit and then attach the zipper.

Until next time x

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