Saturday, 10 November 2018

A flood, a fire, and so much more

It's been quite a few months since I've posted anything here, and I've even had a couple of people ask if I wasn't blogging anymore. That's certainly not my intention... it's just been one of those years for me. I'm hoping that things will calm down soon, and life will be back to normal and I'll be posting more regularly again!
Alex and Sofia, growing up fast
We had a fire in our backyard thanks to a fault in the power lines
I knew a lot of people who had a tough 2016, but mine wasn't too bad. Then others who couldn't wait for 2017 to be over. Again, my 2017 wasn't too bad. But 2018 has certainly thrown unexpected challenges and emotional roller-coasters. An electrical fault with electricity lines above our backyard caused a small fire in our yard a couple of months ago. Also, in May there was flooding in Hobart which caused significant damage to a unit I own there, which has meant much project management, and many hard renovating hours put in by my family (particularly my mum and dad) and some flights down there for Al and myself.

Renovations at my unit following flooding in May 2018

Then, while at the property one day, my mum fell and broke her leg... then later that evening someone crashed into her car and wrote it off. Thankfully, we've worked together and are coming out the other side... my property is looking amazing, mum's recovery is coming along, and Al and I helped her get a nice shiny new car!

My parents did so much to help with my unit...
my Dad in particular spent countless hours working at the unit!
I've learnt so much renovating my unit. From the big things, like just how valuable my family and friends are; to the little things like how to use a power-drill and how to install blinds! It's been a massive journey and I'm so thankful to everyone who has helped :)

Mum's new car!
This year has also seen the loss of a couple of loved family members, and there have also been some broken hearts. Somewhere along the way, with everything that has been happening, I put down my needle and thread and haven't yet found my mojo to pick it back up yet.

My aunt (on the right) sadly passed away unexpectedly earlier this year.
This photo, of myself with my cousin, grandma and aunt was taken when I last visited Chile in 2009.
So hopefully more posts soon, sharing some new adventures and even maybe some stitching!

Until next time x


  1. What a year! Looks like life might be better from now on. Can't believe how big the kids are now.

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